CSO were asked to design a Home Cinema with sound and picture equivalent to the best commercial cinemas in Denmark. The Home Cinema should have a modern design, but still an authentic cinema atmosphere. A design based on simplicity, elegance and experiences. The cinema should have concealed hardware, a comfortable atmosphere and be easy to operate for every member of the family.

This 300 sq. ft cinema has outstanding acoustics. A design where optimized construction angles combined with hidden sound treatment and a specially made ceiling makes the hardware perform outstandingly, while still focusing on aesthetics. The movie chairs from Norwegian Skeie combine comfort with elegance. The warm and comforting lighting is created through a combination of design, gold leaf, dark wooden surfaces and red colour. The use of gold leaf is a subsequent request from the client, as it follows a general style of décor in the house. The global lightning system is KNX, controlled by an easy to use Crestron remote, which also controls every function in the cinema relevant to the client.

In front of the cinema a 4-way perforated masking screen is mounted on a fabric wall, hiding the speaker bridge, the motorized curtains and acoustic material. The sidewalls are designed to contain lights, acoustic material, heating and speakers, without taking too much space from the cinema. For the ceiling we used industrial absorbers to minimize sound from entering and exiting the room. The ceiling has an integrated ventilation system for better airflow in the cinema. The final layer of the ceiling was made in teak wood perforated on an industrial CNC.

The EQ system in the Lexicon MC-12 HD completes the good acoustical design. Power is delivered by 4 Bryston Amps wired with almost 100 meters of Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cable. The speakers come from the French Company GKF, who have constructed speakers for more than 650 commercial cinemas. A Runco VX-22d is placed behind two anti-reflective glass windows, making the projector completely silent in the cinema. In combination with the Screen Research X-Mask ClearPix2 screen the cinema delivers an astonishing picture.

All AV equipment is hidden in a storage room behind the cinema. A specially designed cabinet conceals the hardware and has a unique AC system, where 3 zones have individually optimized airflow based on product performance, heat and energy saving. The cabinet is an integrated part of the room and it is designed for easy product replacement and service.

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